Global Mission Office

2025 Online Application Information

Application Instructions

In order to apply to make a mission appeal and invite support from parishes of the Archdiocese of Chicago during the months of June, July or August please prepare a complete application, which includes:

  • Application Form: Type responses in the online form.
  • Accompanying Letter: The letter should be signed by the appropriate authority (see below). It should communicate awareness of the application and introduce the U.S. point of contact. This letter will be uploaded to the online form.

Authority and U.S. Contact

Each missionary institution must identify the appropriate authority, who may be a diocesan bishop, a religious superior, an executive director or board president. The authority identifies and empowers the U.S. contact and often confers certification to appeal speakers. The U.S. point of contact is the official representative of the institution. He or she is responsible for communication throughout the process and for submitting all required documentation. She or he must live within the United States and serve as the primary contact for the Global Mission Office and parishes.

Eligibility for Acceptance

Missionary institutions that maintain a committed presence within the Archdiocese of Chicago are eligible to participate two out of every three years. Missionary causes with no committed presence within the archdiocese are eligible to participate every other year. Eligibility does not guarantee acceptance. The office strives to maintain a balance of accepted mission dioceses, men religious, women religious and organizations.

Payment of Mission Appeal Funds

Before completing the application, please note that to make mission appeals in the Archdiocese of Chicago it is highly preferred that your missionary institution has a recipient in the United States to whom funds may be sent by check. All payment by check must be cashed or deposited within the United States. If there is legitimate cause, this office can send mission appeal funds by wire transfer with suitable documentation.

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit an application is December 31, 2024. No late applications will be considered. Completion of the 2025 Missionary Cooperation Plan application is determined by staff of the Chicago Global Mission Office. Your U.S. Contact will receive an email to confirm the status of your application.

Click here to begin completing the online form.

If your missionary group is unable to complete the online form and upload your supporting letter, please contact the Global Mission Office at 312.534.3322 or  [email protected].