Human Dignity and Solidarity

Laudato Si' Gardens

Flowing from the Laudato Si’ Action Platform and grounded in Catholic Tradition and in biblical teaching, gardens are both spiritual and tangible expressions of our desire to join with nature and God. Creating gardens is an act of atonement that can heal our past sins of overconsumption, environmental injustice and racism, and can bring us closer to the vision of integral ecology in Laudato Si’.

We strive to create and renew green spaces that:

  • Create space for prayer, wonder and celebration of Creation, bringing people together to express our love for God and our neighbors
  • Enhance local biodiversity with native plants and pollinator gardens to promote integral ecology
  • Grow food gardens to provide fresh produce for those in need, connect people to their culture and root them in community

The Archdiocese of Chicago celebrates the beauty of creation and advocates for justice through its many diverse Laudato Si’ Gardens.  All are welcome into these sacred spaces.  Praise be to God!

Are Laudato Si’ Gardens a good fit for my community?

Laudato Si’ gardens are one small and active approach to increase green space for spiritual contemplation, people’s access to it and develop it in such a way that would benefit our environment as well.

  • Is there a need for green space for spiritual contemplation within your community?
  • Does your church have a food pantry or desire to grow fresh food to nourish the hungry?
  • Does your church have an interest in bringing environmental education and sustainability to your community?
  • Does your church have an interest in working together against the threat of climate change?

Laudato Si’ Gardens might be a great fit for you!

Regardless of size, your garden’s impact will be larger than life!

Embracing the Vision of Laudato Si’
Through your local church, building a Laudato Si’ garden can help support educationand action for the inheritance of green space in every community.

Utilize the green space on your parish grounds to plant native plants, support local wildlife and feed the hungry!

To inquire about establishing a Laudato Si’ Garden, please email us at [email protected].