Human Dignity and Solidarity

Laudato Si' Gardens

Do you see a need for green space and environmental education in your neighborhood?

Laudato Si’ Gardens can become a part of your community!

Find out if Laudato Si’ Gardens are perfect for your community by taking the survey below. Start your journey towards Laudato Si’ today.

Climate change is an existential threat to God’s creation. Through your Catholic community step up and take action today.

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On Feb 27, over 50 people attended a webinar on creating Laudato Si’ gardens. Click here to view a recording of the webinar.

Are Laudato Si’ Gardens a good fit for my community?
Laudato Si’ gardens are one small and active approach to increase green space for spiritual contemplation, people’s access to it and develop it in such a way that would benefit our environment as well.

  • Is there a need for green space for spiritual contemplation within your community?
  • Does your church have an interest in bringing environmental education to your community?
  • Does your church have an interest fighting against the threat of climate change?

Laudato Si’ Gardens might be a great fit for you!

Regardless of size, your garden’s impact will be larger than life!

Embracing the Meaning of Laudato Si’
Through your local church you are able to build a Laudato Si’ garden that can help to educate on the importance of green space in each and every community.

Laudato Si’ teaches us how to create a more just and sustainable world together.