Divine Worship

Ministry of Care

Ministry of Care to the sick is a pastoral ministry of caring for those who are hospitalized, in nursing homes or confined to private homes. This ministry is provided by trained and certified lay men and women, ordained deacons, vowed religious sisters and brothers and priests within the Archdiocese of Chicago. Ministers are trained and formed to conduct pastoral visits with time to listen and pray about the concerns of the sick or shut-in person and to share Eucharist with them.

The Office for Divine Worship coordinates this ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago in concert with other offices within the Department of Parish Vitality and Ministry. Additional information around how to structure a basic training program is available under Guidelines. If needed, the Ministry of Care can assist with the recommendation of the presenters and with the explanation of the structure of the program.

If you are a training site and would like to have your program listed, please contact us at 312.534.8008 or email to D. Todd Williamson (Email), and we will be happy to add you to our list.

Qualities of a Minister of Care to the Sick

Ministry of Care to the Sick is a service offered to people at vulnerable and painful times in their lives. The person who cares for the sick and shut-in needs to have specific qualities and gifts, including a listening presence, compassion and empathy, a non-judgmental mindset, confidentiality, commitment and follow-through, prayerfulness, a gentle demeanor and commitment to continuous training and spiritual development.

Serving as a Minister of Care is not volunteering; it is a ministry. As such, it’s important that Ministers not act on their own, but on behalf of the Church.

For additional information regarding available trainings, the process of mandating and guidelines how to structure a training, visit the Trainings, Mandating and Guidelines tabs below.