Global Mission Office

Visiting Missionaries

The Global Mission Office provides avenues for Catholic mission dioceses, congregations, and organizations to share their stories, build relationships, and seek financial support within the Archdiocese of Chicago. Please review the information below regarding policies and opportunities through our office.


If you hope to conduct fundraising within the Archdiocese of Chicago, you must contact this office. In parallel, to protect the parish and missionary, the pastor or a staff member of the hosting parish should contact the Global Mission Office before accepting the visitor. 

The Global Mission Office responds to requests made directly, or forwarded by other offices, agencies or official requests from Archdiocese of Chicago. We consider all requests for participation in our Missionary Cooperation Program or for direct support, and we honor as many requests consistent with our policies as our resources allow.

General Guidelines for Missionaries

Important notes for all mission dioceses, congregations, and organizations seeking support:

  • Support is offered to causes that serve in mission areas outside of the United States, particularly where the Church is young, struggling, or economically strained.
  • The primary means of support and collaboration offered to mission causes is through participation in the Missionary Cooperative Plan (MCP).
  • Any individual requestor must have documented support from their diocese, congregation or organization.
  • Causes with an existing presence in or relationship with the Archdiocese of Chicago are given priority. This includes past MCP participation, membership, or representatives serving in a local capacity, or connection to a parish, diocesan office or official, or locally-represented Catholic agency.
  • A US contact who is authorized to receive funds on behalf of the requesting diocese, congregation, or lay mission organization is highly preferred.

Please note, the above is directed primarily toward visiting missionaries and local representatives of missionary congregations, dioceses, and organizations. Visiting diocesan and religious priests must consult with the Office of Externs and International Priests for the granting of faculties. Visiting members of religious congregations can contact the Office for Religious with questions about visiting the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Note to Parishes

If you are a pastor or staff member within the Archdiocese of Chicago looking for approval for a missionary visit, please contact the Global Mission Office directly as soon as possible, so we may verify authenticity of the speaker and mission cause and ensure that money raised will be received by the appropriate project or diocese. This is essential to protect both the parish and the missionary. Many missionaries conducting appeals have a B1 business visa, which explicitly prohibits religious men and women from selling goods or soliciting donations.