Human Dignity and Solidarity

Voices of Detainees

Making Choices

Through its partnership with Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, Kolbe House publishes Making Choices, a monthly anthology of poems and drawings by detainees in jails, detention centers and prisons across the state. This magazine is then distributed to individuals in those facilities.

Read the current issue of Making Choices here.

If you know someone in a correctional facility in Illinois who may like to submit a poem or drawing, they can mail it to:

Making Choices
2434 South California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

Prayer Intentions

We invite you to join the Kolbe House community every Saturday at 5 p.m. for a Mass dedicated to the intentions of the detained, their families, and victims of crime.

You can also join in our prayer from your own home or church community. Every week, Kolbe House volunteers have contact with more than 200 detainees in Cook County jail. We often assure them of our own prayers and the prayers of our Catholic community. The reassurance that someone is thinking of them can have a powerful effect on the detainees’ state of mind. They thank you for including them in your prayers.

To become involved in Kolbe House Prayer ministry and regularly receive prayer intentions, please fill out this form.