Divine Worship

Substitute Musicians

The Office for Divine Worship provides this list as a service and resource for liturgical ministers. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Office for Divine Worship.

For more information, or to be added to this list, please contact Wendy Silhavy at [email protected].

Jacob Adams
LaGrange Park, IL
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays, Weddings, Funerals
  • Pianist / Organist / Accompanist / Cantor
  • Degrees in piano performance and piano pedagogy
  • No location preference
  • 15 Years of Experience in music ministry/liturgical music
  • Experienced accompanist for choirs, vocalists and instrumentalists, beginner to advanced/professional

Bridget M. Agnew de la Peña
[email protected]

  • Organist available Saturdays and Sundays
  • Locations: downtown, north side of city, northern suburbs
  • B.A. in music (organ performance) from University of Notre Dame

Sigrid Alexandersen
100 West Chestnut Street #604
Chicago, IL 60610
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Funerals, Weekdays, Weddings
  • Cantor (Traditional, Contemporary, Children's, Youth, Funeral)
  • City: Downtown, N, NW, S, SW, W
  • Suburbs: N

Mick Archer
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Weddings, Funerals, Masses on Non-Sunday Feast Days — Greater Availability After Christmas, Please Inquire
  • Pianist, Singer, Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer (Not an Organist)
  • Classically Trained, Fluent in Many Styles with Special Proficiency in Jazz and Improvisation
  • Currently Working on A Master's in Liturgical Music at St. Joseph College
  • Location preference: North Side/North Shore

Aniello Barone
812 Webster Avenue
Wheaton, IL 60187
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sunday evenings, weekdays, funerals/weddings
  • Organist / Pianist / Cantor (Baritone) / Choir Director
  • Either traditional or contemporary worship settings
  • BME from Wheaton College ('18), several years of organ and piano, 8 years of church music experience
  • Comfortable singing in English, Italian, German, Spanish, and French
  • Competent sight-reader (including open score) and improviser; capable of composing or arranging music for worship as necessary
  • Any Location
  • Reference: Fr. Richard Fragomeni, Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii - 312.286.8675 - [email protected]

Phil Barrile
872 Stonebridge Lane
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Masses, Funerals, Weddings, Special Masses, Etc.
  • Guitarist / Accompanist
  • Nylon/Steel String Acoustic, Electric to Accompany Singers or Perform in Your Ensembles
  • Can Also Provide Duet, Trio or Larger
  • Assortment of Sound Gear
  • Professional Studio Guitarist (All Styles of Music), Band Leader, Guitar Coach
  • Any Location

Ellen Bartolozzi
Forest Park, IL 60130
773.745.9100 (call or text)
[email protected]

  • Singer / Pianist / Organist / Cantor / Choir Director / Accompanist
  • I am a traveling musician with very reliable transportation and I travel all over Chicago and its suburbs!
  • 30 years experience in music ministry and worship
  • Excellent sight-reading skills with experience in traditional, contemporary, choral, and more
  • Saturdays, Sunday evenings, weekdays, funerals/weddings
  • Comfortable playing/singing/directing from console while guiding congregation
  • DePaul University School of Music graduate ('91)
  • Reference: Fr. Richard Baranski, Our Lady's Chapel, Mayslake Village - 231.330.0654 - [email protected]
  • Reference: Craig Kamptner, St. Mother Theodore Guerin Parish - 847.830.4532 - [email protected]

Jordan Becker
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Vocalist, Cantor (Bass), Spanish, Hebrew, French, Italian, Perfect Pitch, Excellent Sight-Reader
  • City: Downtown, N, NW
  • Suburbs: N, NW, W

John Berardi
8919 Meadowlark Drive
Tinley Park, IL 60487
[email protected]

  • Sundays (PM Only), Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals
  • Choir Director (Traditional, Funeral), Cantor, Organist, Pianist, Accompanist, Spanish, Polish, Italian
  • No Location Preference

Andrew Blendermann
1112 East Alder Lane
Mount Prospect, IL  60056
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Funerals (Weekdays and Saturdays), Weekdays, Weddings
  • Choir Director (Traditional, Contemporary, Children’s, Youth, Funeral), Organist, Pianist
  • Language Facility: English
  • Location Preference: None
  • Education / Training:
  • Music Performance Degree (Piano/Organ) From Baldwin Wallace Conservatory
  • Specialized Training:
  • Music Directing Choirs And A Cappella Groups, Arranging, Conducting
  • Number of Years of Music / Music Ministry Experience: 25

Paul Blievernicht
1920 West Norwood Street, 2B
Chicago, IL 60660
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Pianist / Accompanist / Organist / Cantor (Baritone)
  • Excellent Sight Reader, able to provide Traditional or Jazz Styles
  • Able to transpose on sight one step up or down
  • City and All Suburbs
  • Bachelor of Music: Roosevelt University ('94)
  • Master of Music: Roosevelt University ('97)
  • Reference: Pastor Brandyn Simmons, Christ Church of Chicago [email protected]

Joseph Burgio
2336 East 70th Place, Apartment 1
Chicago, IL 60649
312.294.3218; 312.607.2729
[email protected]

  • Former Music Director, St. Bernardine, Forest Park (More than Nine Years)
  • Sundays, Saturday, Funerals and Weddings
  • Organist, Choir Director, Handbell Director, Cantor
  • BS in MusEd and MA in Pastoral Music
  • Not Totally Bilingual, But Comfortable in Spanish Or Italian

Brian Callan
[email protected]

  • Saturdays/weekdays, funerals, weddings
  • Vocalist (Tenor) – Music Educator DePaul University
  • Location preference: City (anywhere reachable by CTA)
  • Reference: Evan Snyder, Director of Music and Liturgy, St. Viator Parish

Steve Carson
[email protected]

  • Pianist / Organist / Accompanist / Cantor
  • Sunday mornings, Weekdays, Weddings, Funerals
  • No location preference
  • Over 40 years of experience


Gerald Chalupka
1723 West Albion Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626
[email protected]

  • Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Cantor, Organist, Pianist, Accompanist
  • City: Downtown, N, NW 
  • Suburbs: N, NW

Amy Cholod (nee Rubic)
Chicago, Illinois
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weddings, Funerals, Weekdays in Summer
  • Pianist, Organist, Cantor
  • Former Music Director, Liturgist, Liturgy Coordinator, Choir Director, (Traditional, Contemporary, Children’s, Funeral)
  • City: Downtown, N, NW, W
  • Suburbs: N, NW, W


  • Carl Chadek; Director of Music; St. Hilary Church; 773.989.2485; [email protected]
  • Mary Lou Marcin; St. Rosalie Church; 773.350.2717
  • Colleen Ortega, Our Lady of Hope, [email protected]


Mrs. Kathleen W. Cizewski MM, NCTM, NPM
Pianist, Organist, Instructor, Author, Arranger,
Church Musician
[email protected]  

  • Former Church Music Director, St. Joseph, Round Lake
  • Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree (Cum Laude) Piano, Organ Performance
  • Currently Serving Several Churches Upon Recommendations / Referrals in Lake County and Northern Cook County
  • College Music Instructor, National Affiliations and Certification
  • Founder of Kathi’s Musicians’ Center School of Music, Grayslake, IL
  • Author of Cizewski’s Spotlights Vol. 1 And Vol 2, Books of Cizewski's Advanced Piano Arrangements
  • Available Upon Request

Dennis Costanzo
4455 North Kenton Avenue
Chicago, IL 60630
[email protected]

  • Funerals & Weddings, Sundays 2:00 p.m. or later
  • Organ, Piano, Accompanist, Vocalist (Tenor/Alto), Choral Cond, Liturgical Planning
  • German, Spanish, Polish, Latin,
  • High School & Elementary music teacher
  • No Location Preference

Dr. Claudia Dado, MAL
925 South Delphia Avenue
Park Ridge, IL 60068

  • Cantor / Liturgist / Liturgy Consultant
  • Education: Master of Arts in Liturgy from The Liturgical Institute at University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary, magna cum laude
  • Chicago Catholic Scripture School; 4-year certificate
  • Cantor for Funerals, Weddings, Sundays
  • Liturgy Planning and Training, Leader of Prayer-Liturgy of The Hours
  • Suburbs: NW and W

Jennifer Dale
10430 Sotuh Keating Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays, Weddings
  • Music Director, Choir Director (Children's Youth, Traditional, Contemporary)
  • Pianist, Organist, Vocalist, Accompanist
  • Location preference: Suburbs, south and southwest
  • Suburbs: N, NW
Katie Davis
1600 West Chase, Apt. 1C
Chicago, IL 60626
[email protected]
  • Cantor and soloist (mezzo soprano)
  • Extensive choral experience
  • Sundays, Saturdays, weeknights; please contact for availability.
  • Weddings, funerals, Sundays, Holy Days, Sacraments, etc.
  • Bachelor of Music, Musical Theatre (magna cum laude, The Catholic University of America)
  • Master of Divinity (Loyola University Chicago)
  • High school campus minister; liturgical planning and coordination 
  • 20+ years of experience in music/music ministry

Kaylee Durow
1241 Swainwood Drive
Glenview, IL 60025
[email protected] - www.kayleedurowmusic.com

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays - Masses, Funerals, and Weddings
  • Cantor (Traditional, Folk, Contemporary, Children’s, Youth, Teen, Funeral
  • City: North 
  • Suburbs: N, NW

Miguel de León
736 South Euclid
Oak Park, IL 60304
708.445.7110; 312.859.9896
[email protected]

  • Sundays after 12:30 p.m., Saturdays Funerals, Weddings, Quinceañeras
  • Cantor, Organist, Pianist, Vocal, Spanish 
  • City: No location preference 
  • Suburbs: S, W

Carl DeSanti
2247 South 2nd Avenue
North Riverside, IL 60546
[email protected]

  • Reference: Nancy Schoenberg, Music Director, Our Lady of the Woods, Orland Park, IL, [email protected]
  • Organist, Pianist, Cantor
  • Weekdays and Evenings, Saturdays till 2:00 p.m., Sundays Evening Only
  • Masses, Funerals, Weddings, Graduations, First Communion, Confirmation
  • Excellent Sight Reading Skills, Hymn Playing / Improvisation, Can Play in A Variety of Styles Including Pop and Jazz (Both Organ and Piano), Choral Conducting, Accompanying for Soloists and Vocal Groups
  • Vocal Coach
  • Specializing in Performances for Concerts / Fundraisers—Sacred, Inspirational, Broadway, Pop / Standards
  • Recording Artist
  • Education: B.A., St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN
  • Language Facility: Spanish, Italian, Latin, German
  • Years of Experience in Music Ministry: 25
  • Location Preference: Chicago Downtown, N, NW, S, SW, W Suburbs

Stephan Dimos
3550 North Lake Shore Drive, Apt 927
Chicago, IL 60657-7859
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Pianist/Accompanist
  • City and Public Transportation Accessible
  • Master's Degree in Financial Strategy from the University of Oxford
  • Undergraduate music studies in classical piano, jazz piano, voice, sightreading, and accompanying at the University of Michigan
  • Additional music studies at Northwestern University, Indiana University Bloomington, and the Chicago College of the Performing Arts
  • 34 years of music studies


  • Windsor International Piano Competition, 2019
  • Boston International Piano Competition, 2015


  • Claudia Pienta, Director of Music, Our Lady of Consolation Parish, 219.670.5906
  • Bob Beatty, Director of Music, St. Vincent DePaul Parish, 773.575.8894

Lisa DiSalvo
Lyric, Coloratura Soprano

[email protected]

  • Vocal Soloist / Cantor / Soprano Section Leader / Guest Vocalist
  • Classical Training & Music Degree
  • Vocal Proficiency in English, Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Czech
  • Conducting Skills and Liturgy Planning
  • No Location Preference
  • Chicago and Suburbs

Thomas Dolan
10332 Parkside Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
708.952.0789; 630.235.1534 
[email protected]

  • Cantor & Soloist (Baritone)
  • Twelve Years’ Experience with Catholic Archdiocese Parish and Other Church Work
  • Masses and Other Religious Services, Funerals, Weddings
  • Excellent Sight-Reader, Quick Study
  • Experienced Professional Singer
  • Choir Section Leader (Bass / Baritone)

Raul Duque
5517 West 81st Place
Burbank, IL 60459
708.346.9750; 708.769.2281
[email protected]

  • Saturday Mornings, Sundays After 3 p.m.; Weekdays, Weddings, Funerals, Quinceneras
  • Organist / Singer
  • English, Polish, Spanish, Latin, Slovak, Lithuanian
  • Location: Chicago and Southwest Suburbs

Ed Eicker
Des Plaines, IL
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays, Weddings, Funerals
  • Organist / Pianist/ Accompanist / Cantor / Conductor
  • Degrees in organ performance, choral conducting, music composition
  • North & Northwest Chicago and suburbs
  • 25 Years of Experience in music ministry/liturgical music
  • Experienced accompanist for choirs, vocalists and instrumentalists, beginner to advanced/professional

Philip Feo
1269 Thorndale Lane
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
847.550.8100; 847.550.8103
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Music Director
  • Instrumentalist: (Brass: Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Flugelhorn),
  • Music Contractor, Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator
  • No Location Preference

Caroline Foreman
Chicago, IL
[email protected]

  • Flutist – Flute and Piccolo
  • Call for Availability – Saturdays, Sundays, Weddings, Funerals
  • No Location Preference

Alex Fries
Wood Dale, IL
[email protected]

  • Available for weekday and Saturday morning masses & funerals (no weddings please)
  • music & choir director, cantor, pianist, organist (sing & play)
  • IL K-12 Cert. Music Teacher
  • Director of Music @ St. Raphael, Old Mill Creek IL
  • City: N, NW, W, Downtown; Suburbs: N, NW, W

Jillann Gabrielle
872 Stonebridge Lane
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
708.829.5050; 773.237.0299
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Choir Dir (Contemporary, Youth), Cantor, Pianist, Accompanist, Guitarist, Instrumentalist: (Pop Piano; Guitar)
  • Spanish, Italian, French, German, Lead Congregational Singing from Piano or Guitar,
  • Direct Pop Group from Piano
  • No Location Preference

Mei Mei Gaetz
Wilmette, IL
[email protected]

  • Full or Part-Time
  • Vocal Soloist/Cantor/Guest Soloist/Soprano Section Leader
  • Classical training in Bel Canto singing methods
  • Weekdays evenings, weekends, weddings, Holy Days, special liturgies
  • Proficient in of Catholic liturgy and repertoire as well as classical sacred music
  • Vocal proficiency in English, Latin, Italian, French, German and Chinese
  • Ability to help individuals/families select appropriate repertoire
  • Enthusiastic in making beautiful music for communities of faith
  • Location preference: Chicago and north suburbs

Luis A. Galvez
8733 North Saint Louis Avenue
Skokie, IL 60076
847.673.0724; 847.209.2588
[email protected]

  • Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Music Director, Liturgist, Liturgy Coordinator, Choir Director (Trad, Contemporary, Children’s, Youth, Funeral), Cantor, Organist, Pianist, Accompanist, Spanish, 
  • Personable, Easy to Work With
  • No Location Preference
  • Currently Music and Liturgy Director at St. Viator Church

Richard Gersten
4528 North Narragansett Avenue
Harwood Heights, IL 60706-7303
708.786.8630; 773.405.0205
[email protected] 

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings, Special Masses
  • Music Director, Choir Dir (Traditional, Funeral), Cantor, Organist, Pianist
  • Italian, German, Latin, French
  • No Location Preference

Matthew Herek
Chicago, IL
[email protected]

  • Saturdays/Sundays, Funerals
  • Pianist/Organist, Choir Director (Trad, Contemporary, Funeral)
  • City: N, NW, S, SW, W (Saturday or Sunday)


  • Jeremy Kiolbassa
    Director of Music – St. Benedict Parish

John S. Hill
8227 Mango Avenue
Morton Grove, IL 60053
847.965.6695; 847.774.8293
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekday Evenings, Funerals (No Weddings)
  • Music Director, Organist, Handbells
  • City: Downtown, N, NW
  • Suburbs: N, NW

References: Currently serving as Associate Organist, Felician Sisters Convent. Previously with St. Therese Chinese Catholic Mission/Santa Maria Incoronata, St. Michael's Old Town, St. Peter's, Skokie, St. Wenceslaus. Additional references upon request. 

Ryan Hobbs
317 Anderson Boulevard
Geneva, IL 60134
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays, Weddings, Funerals
  • Professional Trumpet Player
  • Music Contractor: (Strings, Brass, Jazz)
  • City: Downtown, N, NW, S, SW, W, SE
  • Suburbs: N, NW, S, SW, W, SE

Alan Hommerding
[email protected]

  • Saturday and Sunday evenings, Saturday Funerals and Weddings
  • Organist, Pianist, Choir and / or Music Ensemble Director
  • City and Suburbs: 30 Mile Radius from 60707

Walt Horn
6635 North Glenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626
773.761.2364; 312.613.7631
[email protected]

  • Saturdays Evening, Sundays Evening, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Organist, Pianist, Cantor, Conductor, Educator (Choral & Handbell, All Ages)
  • Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal
  • Traditional, Contemporary, Chant
  • Latin, German
  • City: N, NW
  • Suburbs: N, NW

Paul Hyski
[email protected]

  • Pianist, Organist
  • Weekday Evenings, Saturdays (Funerals, Weddings) and Sundays
  • Mass Settings in Jazz Style- Polish, English and Latin
  • Over 20 Years in Music Ministry
  • No Location Preference
  • Audio / Video Recordings Are Available on YouTube Under My Full Name

Renee Wilson Jirousek
1819 West 107th Place
Chicago, IL 60643
[email protected]

  • Saturday, Sunday, Weekdays
  • Harpist (soloist or accompanist)
  • Funerals, weddings, special events
  • No location preference
  • Reference: Daniel Stucker, St. Michael

David Jones
Homewood, Illinois 
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays, Weddings, Funeral and para-liturgical ceremonies
  • Soloist, Choir Director, Accompanist, Proficient on organ and acoustic guitar
  • Bachelors of Music - emphasis in choral conducting; Masters in Music - emphasis in vocal pedagogy; Minors in Religious Studies and Secondary Education
  • Taught music for 30 years K-12 and Pastoral Musician for over 35 years with emphasis in Afro-American Catholic Liturgical Music
  • 10 years experience in leading Spanish liturgical music
  • Experience in giving choral clinics and cantor workshops
  • No Location Preference
  • References available upon request

Karin Jurek
Dyer, IN 
219.864.8242; 219.218.6259
[email protected]

  • Funerals (Weekdays and Saturdays), Weekday Services, Weddings
  • Organist, Pianist / Accompanist, Guitarist, Vocalist
  • English, Spanish, German
  • Suburbs: S, SW, SE, NW Indiana

Nick Kabat
Logan Square, Chicago 60647
[email protected]

  • Available most Saturdays and Sundays, some weekdays, Weddings, Funerals, any other type of events
  • Piano, Organ, Percussion, Timpani, Drumset
  • Excellent sight reader, extensive arrangement experience through Sibelius, accompaniment for cantor and/or choir
  • City and N/NW suburbs location preference, but will travel most other places as well
  • somewhat-regular sub at St Emily parish (Mount Prospect) St Martha parish (Morton Grove) and St John UCC (Evanston)
  • Over a decade of liturgical music experience on all the above mentioned instruments at various churches around Chicagoland
  • Virtus certified
  • BM Jazz Studies, Depaul University, 2011

Keith Kalemba
Oak Park, IL
708 660.0975
[email protected]

  • Saturdays; Sundays (P.M. Only)
  • Pianist; Some Organ; Guitar; Hand Percussion (Djembe)
  • Music Director (Traditional, Contemporary Choirs)
  • No Preference

Thaddeus A. ‘Ted’ Kawa
Elmhurst, IL 
630.888.6149; 630.832.5266; 847437.6208
Work Fax: 847.437.2520
[email protected]; b[email protected]

  • Weekends and Holy Days, Funerals, Weddings
  • Music Director, Liturgist, Liturgy Coordinator, Choir Director (Traditional, Contemporary, Children’s, Funeral)
  • Cantor, Organist, Pianist, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian, Latin, Some Latvian
  • No Location Preference
  • Reference: Rev. Paul Stein, Pastor, St. Frances of Rome, Cicero

Anthony Kawalkowski
5833 North Linder Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646-6532
773.775.1233; 773.844.5685
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, funerals, weekdays, weddings
  • Instrumentalist: Violin, conducting, 42 years of experience
  • No location preference
  • References: St. Mary of the Woods, Mary Anne Eichhorn, music director / organist, St. Cornelius Church, Pastor Dan Fallon, Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview, Russell Stern music director/organist/pianist, St. Beatrice, Richard Gersten, music director, St. Mary’s Buffalo Grove, Mary Pietro music director

Kelly Keegan
Chicago, IL 
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, funerals - some weekdays, weddings;
  • Cantor
  • English
  • City: Downtown, N, NW, S, SW, W, SE
  • Reference: Paul French, Music Director at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 773.525.0453, [email protected]

Peter Knippel
Chicago, IL
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals Special Occasions
  • Organist, pianist, congregational accompaniment, English, Polish
  • Pastoral musician at Felician Sisters Convent
  • N, NW

Vicki Krstansky
Countryside, IL 60525
708.354.3246; 708.218.2665 
[email protected]

  • Availability: Weddings, 2nd, 4th And 5th Saturdays Of Month. Call for Sunday Availability.
  • Organist, Pianist, Cantor (Mezzo / Alto Range), Choir Director from Keyboard
  • Language Facility: English, Some Spanish
  • Location Preference: Downtown City, W, SW, NW
  • Education / Training: BA in Music from Clarke University,
  • NPM Basic Organ Certification; Organ Study at Concordia University.
  • Number of Years of Music / Music Ministry Experience: 25
  • Reference: Jonell Stetz, Coordinator of Music Ministries at St. Alexander Church, [email protected]

Karen Krueger
Bolingbrook, IL 
[email protected]

  • Sundays (P.M. Only), Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Music Director, Choir Director (Traditional, Contemporary, Children’s, Youth, Funeral),
  • Cantor, Organist, Pianist, Accompanist
  • No Location Preference

Tom Krueger
Bolingbrook, IL 
[email protected]

  • Saturdays
  • Guitar, Bass
  • No Location Preference

Laura Kutscher
Streamwood, IL
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays, Weddings, Funerals
  • Pianist / Organist / Accompanist / Director of Music
  • Masters degrees in performance, pedagogy, and education
  • No Location Preference

Jack Lindquist
Lisle, IL 60532
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Friday nights, Weekend weddings and funerals, Christmas, and Holy Week
  • Accompanist (Piano and Organ), Cantor/Vocalist (Baritone), Choir Director -- can cantor or direct while accompanying
  • Excellent sight reader and improviser with ability to play off lead sheets, skilled with Sibelius, and experienced in arranging and composing (vocal, instrumental, and keyboard) for the liturgy
  • Practicing Catholic with extensive knowledge of Catholic liturgy, experience in liturgical planning, and background in both contemporary and traditional repertoire
  • Comfortable singing in English or Latin
  • 10+ years of liturgical music experience in Diocese of Joliet, Archdiocese of Chicago, and Diocese of Peoria working with cantors, instrumentalists, and choirs of various sizes and repertoires
  • No location preference

Heath Morber
Director of Music
St. John’s Catholic Chapel, Champaign, IL
[email protected]

Steve Lisowski
Park Ridge, IL 
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings, Special Liturgies
  • Music Director, Liturgy Director, Organist, Pianist, Vocalist, Composition and Arranging 
  • Spanish
  • No Location Preference
  • References: Fr. Chris Ciomek, pastor, St Peter Damian, Bartlett IL; Mike Myers, music director, St John the Evangelist in Streamwood

Carlyn Lloyd
[email protected]

  • Flute, piccolo, some pennywhistle
  • Music contractor
  • Extensive liturgical experience including weddings/funerals/Sunday/holiday services
  • Available: Saturdays, Sunday afternoon or evenings, weekdays, funerals, weddings
  • No location preference


  • Mark Scozzafave: Director of Music Ministries, Old St. Patrick’s Church, Chicago [email protected]
  • Jennifer Kerr Budziak: formerly Music Director at St. John of the Cross (Western Springs) Currently with GIA as Editor for Music Formation Resources [email protected])
  • Kitty Ryan: Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Barnabas Church, Chicago [email protected]

Siobhan Maguire
Willowbrook, IL 60527
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, evenings, Thursday-Friday daytime/evening, funerals/weddings
  • Organist / Pianist / Cantor (soprano, alto) / Conductor
  • Comfortable with any style of music
  • 25 years’ experience as parish music director, Archdiocese of Chicago
  • Comfortable singing in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, and Polish
  • Sightreading, improvising; composing, arranging
  • Any Location
  • Reference: Alan Hommerding, WLP/GIA Publications, [email protected] 708.613.8970

Lisa Maurizi
Chicago, IL 
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Music Director, Cantor, Studied French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • City: SW
  • Suburbs: SW

Donald J. Mead
Arlington Heights, IL 
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays P.M., Funerals (Any Day), Weddings
  • Music Director; Liturgist/Liturgy Coordinator, Choir Director (Traditional, Contemporary, Children’s, Youth, Resurrection), Organist; Pianist / Accompanist, Cello Bachelor’s and Master’s in Music Performance on Cello; Extensive Organ Study

Leo Meere
Chicago, IL
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays, Weddings, Funerals
  • 20+ years experience as a parish organist and accompanist for choirs, vocalists, and instrumentalists
  • Lives in North Side of Chicago but willing to travel
  • Comfortable sight-reading music
  • References available upon request

Michael Myers
Streamwood, IL 
[email protected]

  • Saturday masses, Funerals, Weddings, Special Liturgies
  • Music Director, pianist, organist, cantor
  • No Location Preference

Dennis J. Newman
Minooka, IL
[email protected]

  • Available: Having Retired In 2012 After 40 Years as A Full-Time Music Director for Parishes in The Archdiocese, I’m Now Available Anytime (E.G, Weekend Liturgies, Weekday Funerals, Sacraments).
  • Musical Skills: I Both Play and Sing. Keyboard (Organ, Piano, Synth),
  • Guitar, Handbells, Vocals (Baritone Sight-Reader); Choir Directing (Adult / Children’s), Arranging (1000's Of Instrumental Parts — E.G., Flute, Trumpet, Handbells), Composing (1000’s Of Hymns / Anthems, Including One Published By GIA), Music Engraving (Finale)
  • Language Skills: French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Polish, Spanish, Tagalog
  • Education: 10 Years, Franciscan Seminary System (OFM: Sacred Heart Province), BA Cum Laude, Philosophy, Quincy University, 1 Year Post-Grad, Theology, Cath. Theological Union; MA, Music, DePaul 
  • Organizations: NPM Magazine Contributor, SW Cluster of Pastoral Musicians
  • Location Preference: I've Been Subbing at Parishes Throughout Chicagoland, Mostly SW, But Some Central City and North Side


  • Fr. Mike Ahlstrom, Archdiocesan Vicar of Deacons, Emeritus
  • James Grzadzinski, Director of Music, Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus, Joliet: [email protected]


Hieu Nguyen
Chicago, IL 60626 (Rogers Park)
[email protected]

  • Availability: Saturday and Sunday Masses, weekend weddings and funerals, quinceañeras; weekdays (afternoon/evenings) if given sufficient advance notice
  • Instrumental Experience: piano, both as a soloist and accompanist (15 years); can improvise in many styles
  • Vocal Experience: bass/baritone, section leader, cantor
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese
  • Excellent sight-reader for piano and vocal music
  • Composer of original instrumental music for solo piano or small ensembles
  • Location Preferences: City: N, NW, downtown, or anywhere accessible via public transit; Suburbs: N, NW, W, SW


Jeanne Anne Aukofer
[email protected]
Director of Music and Liturgy
St. Thomas More Church, Elgin, IL

Kirsten Hedegaard
[email protected]
Director of Choral and Vocal Activities
Loyola University Chicago

Mora Novey
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Weddings, Funerals
  • Vocalist, Organ, Cantor (alto), Latin, English, Perfect pitch, great sight-reader, 
  • Proficient in singing and conducting Gregorian chant
  • Flutist 
  • Location preference: City: Downtown, Suburbs: S, SW, W


Heath Morber
Director of Music,
St. John’s Catholic Chapel, Champaign, IL 
[email protected]

Carl Opat
[email protected] 

  • Available Funeral, Weddings Weekend Services
  • Piano, Organ, Choral Directing
  • Able to Sing from The Piano or Organ to Lead if Necessary, but Not as a Formal Cantor
  • Available in South Suburbs and East Side, Or South City and City; Not Typically Available in the North Suburbs as a Routine Place, but May Be Able to Fill in with Enough Notice

Roxanne Packer
Lombard, IL
[email protected]

  • Available All Times, Except Sunday Mornings
  • Organ, Piano, Cantor, Flute, Choir Director
  • Spanish
  • Suburbs: W, SW, S; Contact for Availability

Carole Prendergast
Chicago, IL
[email protected]

  • Organist, Cantor, Choir Director
  • No location preference
  • Availability: Week-days, some Saturday mornings, afternoons, Sunday afternoons

Catherine Reich
18 South Holly Avenue
Fox Lake, IL 60020
[email protected]

  • Pianist, Organist, Cantor, Choir Director, Vocal Soloist
  • Funerals, Weddings and Sunday Evening Masses and Services
  • 25 years experience Bachelor of Music in Performance and Masters in Music Education
  • No location preference
  • References available

Kathy Roderer
3405 Park Place
Evanston, IL 60201
[email protected]

  • Organ, Piano
  • Availability: Saturdays and Sundays
  • City: N
  • Suburbs: N
  • BM, University of Toledo, Organ Performance, 1976; MM, Northwestern University, Organ Performance,1978

Ben Ross
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekday Evenings, Funerals, Weddings
  • Vocalist, Cantor (Baritone/Bass), Choral Directing Experience, Excellent Sight Reader, Excellent Chant Reader B.M. in Voice and Music Ed. from University of Iowa
  • Comfortable singing in Latin, German, French, Italian, Spanish and English
  • No Location Preference

Michael Ruzicki
Chicago, IL
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weddings
  • Piano Accompanist, Organist, Music Director
  • Experience Accompanying Masses in Spanish
  • Previously Served as Archdiocesan Music Director (Baltimore)
  • Location Preference: City of Chicago

Suzanne Santos
Chicago, IL 
312.404.3030; 773.764.3494
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Funerals, Weddings (Weekdays Call for Availability)
  • Vocalist, Cantor (Lyric Coloratura Soprano), Soprano Section Leader / Descants)
  • City: Downtown, N, NW
  • Suburbs: N, NW, W

Paula Schipiour 
[email protected]

  • Cantor
  • Vocal Soloist
  • Funerals, Weddings and Special Events
  • Choirs
  • First and Second Soprano
  • Contemporary Music
  • Proficient with Any Accompanist Organ, Piano, Guitar Etc.
  • Chicago And Surrounding Suburbs


  • Fr. Brad Zamora
  • Fr. Arthur Marut
  • Eva Morgan

Richard Schwegel
Chicago, IL 
312.593.7425; 773.764.3494
[email protected]

  • Sunday Evening
  • Music Director, Choir Director, Organist, Pianist, Recorder
  • Piano, Composition, Arranging, Finale software, Orchestra, Liturgical planning
  • City: Downtown, N, NW
  • Suburbs: N, NW, W

Greg Smith
[email protected]

  • Piano | Harpsichord | Organ | Synthesizer/Electronic Keyboards
  • No Location Preference
  • Regularly Available Sundays and Saturdays, Varied Weekday Availability
  • 10 Years of Experience as Church Musician
  • Degree in Piano Performance (Jazz and Classical)
  • Experienced in Leading Groups Musically
  • Very Strong Sight-Reader
  • Not a cantor

Tom Stefan
[email protected]

  • Saturday-Sunday-Weekdays
  • For Weddings, Funerals and Feast Days
  • Organist, Pianist, Cantor and/or Music Ensemble Director
  • B.A. – DePaul University
  • Location (Open)
  • 40+ years of experience in music ministry and liturgical music...a quick study
  • Experienced accompanist for The Assembly, Choirs, Ensembles, Cantors & Instrumentalists

John Steigerwald
Chicago, IL 
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals
  • Cantor, Organist
  • City: N, NW, Downtown
  • Suburbs: N, NW

Eleanore Strong
Chicago, IL
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekday Evenings, Funerals, Weddings
  • Organist, Pianist, Accompanist, Cantor, Choir Director
  • Chicago (No Suburbs)

References: Music directors of St. Mary of Perpetual Help and St. Gregory the Great parishes 

Michael Thorn
Chicago, IL 
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays, Funerals (Weekdays and Saturdays)
  • Music Director, Choir Director (Traditional); Organist; Composer
  • English, German
  • No Location Preference

Mary Jane Vogt
Chicago, IL 
[email protected]

  • Saturday Evening or Later Masses on Sunday, Funerals, Weddings
  • Music Director, Liturgist, Liturgy Coordinator, Choir Director (Traditional, Contemporary, Funeral), Organist, Pianist, Accompanist, Speaks Spanish, 25 Years of Experience in
  • Hispanic Community,10 Years of Experience in African American Community
  • City: No Location Preference

Frances (Fran) Walker
Chicago, IL 
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Music Director, Liturgist, Liturgy Coordinator, Choir Director (Traditional, Children’s, Funeral, Youth), Organist, Pianist, Hand Chimes, Handbells
  • City: N
  • Suburbs: N, NW

Lauren Weber Wolf
Printers Row, Chicago, IL
[email protected]

  • Saturdays, Sundays (Any Time); Weekdays (Evening Only), Occasionaly on Wednesdays, Daytime Weddings, Funerals
  • Pianist, Accompanist
  • Bachelor of Arts: Music - Piano
  • City: Downtown, S, SW, W; also N and NW with notice
  • Also available for nearby suburbs

Robert E. Woodworth, Jr.
Chicago, IL 
773.271.8243; 773.852.0770
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Music Director, Choir Director (Traditional, Funeral), Organist
  • City: Downtown, N, NW
  • Suburbs: N, NW

Isabella (Isza) Wu
Evanston, IL 60201
[email protected]

  • Available Saturdays and Sundays, weekdays
  • Pianist / organist / cantor (soprano), proficient in violin and percussion
  • Flexible, excellent sight-singer and vocal proficiency in Latin, Italian, German, French, and Spanish
  • Currently studying piano performance, organ, and sacred music at Northwestern University

Walter A. Yokley
5316 South Harper Avenue
Chicago IL 60615
[email protected]

  • Available: Saturdays. Weekdays. Funerals, Special events
  • Instruments: organ, piano, e-keyboard Voice: sing in Spanish, Italian, and Latin.
  • Traditional liturgical and contemporary styles-excellent sight-reading skills.
  • Function as liturgy coordinator and music repertoire selector when needed
  • 25 years of experience in music ministry
  • References: Fr. Bob Miller, St. Dorothy Catholic Church. Chicago
  • Fr. Norman Hernan-Moran Rosero, St. Basil Visitation Catholic Church. Chicago

Vince Zaprzal
Elk Grove Village, IL
[email protected]

  • Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays, Funerals
  • Music Director, Liturgist, Liturgy Coordinator, Choir Director (Traditional, Children’s,Contemporary, Youth, Funeral) Organist, Pianist, Accompanist, Excellent Sight Chord Reader
  • No Location Preference