Global Mission Office

Request Support

The Global Mission Office is deeply committed to supporting as many Catholic missionary dioceses, congregations, organizations, and groups as possible. In general, we consider requests for three types of mission support annually:

  • Mass stipends to support diocesan and religious ministry
  • Support for projects, initiatives and programs with clearly defined needs and objectives
    (In 2021, the Global Mission Office is unable to accept requests for project support.) 
  • Liturgical supplies for visiting missionaries

The office can accept requests for Mass stipends or project support during the months of May – August in person, by email or regular mail. Request documentation is reviewed, and decisions communicated before the end of the calendar year. Requests for liturgical supplies may only be made in person.

Only complete and properly documented requests for support will be considered. Send request documentation between the months May and August by email to [email protected] or regular mail at Global Mission Office 3525 S. Lake Park Ave. Chicago, IL 60653 (postdated no later than August 31).