Human Dignity and Solidarity

Emergency Appeals

Emergency Appeals and CRS Emergency Response

Catholic Relief Services responds to global emergencies—natural disasters, civil wars, etc.— as soon as they happen. We partner with other international aid agencies to begin disseminating vital assistance as soon as possible. 

When emergencies take place, the U.S. Church holds an emergency appeal to raise funds to increase the response. CRS partners primarily with Caritas Internationalis, working from offices already established in the country in need. We make sure to receive and post regular updates from CRS programs around the world, and you can always find the most up-to-date information at CRS.


Global Emergency Snapshot: December 2015 (Link)

Current Emergency Appeals

Hurricane Matthew Appeal (Link)

Risen Lord,

Before your death, you presented to John your mother, and to Mary, her son.
And so we inherit this cherished honor:
That all may know your mother as their own.
Through ages past, we have known her consolation:
Mother of all nations
Comforter in times of affliction
Light in times of darkness
Companion in times of sorrow
Intercessor in times of prayer
In a world touched by sorrow, by disasters and hunger, war and deprivation, disease and drought, persecution and injustice, what joy to know that it is also touched by one such as she, reflecting God’s mercy to all, that each of us, rich or poor, broken or whole, may know the blessing of a mother’s love.
Mother of all nations, pray for us.