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Pope Francis has called human trafficking a “scourge against human dignity” and has, on more than one occasion, challenged us to bring about its complete eradication. At the heart of this issue, Pope Francis says, is a selfish point-of-view, that allows human beings to be used for personal gain (see Pope Francis: Trafficking a scourge against human dignity, Vatican News).

This resource page is designed especially with parish leaders in mind, to provide a list of links and resources suitable to share and encourage local development of ministries to end human trafficking. Let us all heed the call of Jesus Christ to works of mercy and justice. "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me" (Matthew 25:40)

Special thanks to Kim Duda, MAPS for compiling these resources.

Recommended Organizations and Resources:

  • 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching Through The Lens of Human Trafficking
  • Catholic Social Teaching and Human Trafficking
  • The Amistad Movement (USCCB)
  • Become a Shepherd (USCCB) 
  • Catholic Relief Services 
  • Polaris Project: “We respond to sex and labor trafficking as they happen. We learn from that response and share that learning. Finally, we use what we learn to pilot big, new ideas for slowly, carefully, finally, dismantling big, old systems that make trafficking possible. We are focused where we think we can make the most change: Systems that trap impoverished migrants in degrading conditions; systems that allow sex traffickers to hide behind screens and systems that, if optimized, would allow the financial services industry to use traffickers’ own money to shut them down. 
  • U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking: Envision a world without slavery with a network of services and resources to inform the public, prevent the crime and assist survivors to achieve a fulfilling life.
  • Women at Risk, International: Unites and educates to create circles of protection around those at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects.
  • Still Point Theatre Collective: For many years the staff of Still Point thought deeply about how our organization could address human trafficking in a way that might have some real impact. The True Cost: Stories of Human Trafficking is our answer. Our newest professional touring production gives voice to the forgotten ones: the people who are forced into sexual servitude; the children who are exploited as slave labor to provide cheap goods sold in our very own neighborhoods; the women and men who are lured into domestic work that turns out to be entrapment rather than employment. 
  • Talitha Kum: is part of the UISG and coordinates the anti-trafficking efforts of Religious Sisters, facilitating networking, communication and formation, according to the strategic planning of the UISG and the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church.