Human Dignity and Solidarity


When the Catholic bishops of the United States established the CCHD in 1969, they mandated the Campaign to fund “such projects as voter registration, community organizations, community-run schools, minority-owned cooperatives and credit unions, capital for industrial development and job training programs, and setting up of rural cooperatives.” Today, we point to hundreds of CCHD — funded organizations that have grown to extend and build bonds in their communities for the common good.

Grants to support grassroots social justice organizations are made possible by Catholics throughout the United States who contribute to CCHD each year. To qualify for CCHD funds, applicant organizations must not promote, in any way, activities that work against Catholic values. CCHD's grants to local anti-poverty efforts are screened, awarded and monitored in close partnership with local Catholic dioceses and require the explicit approval of the local bishop.

Given the challenges of the pandemic, our CCHD ministry has decided to close the CCHD Grant to new applicants for the upcoming grant year and will only be renewing grants awarded to this year's recipients.

While the pre-application and full application are closed for the 2022-2023 CCHD grant year, your organization can still learn more about the grant criteria and the application process by downloading our Local Funding Guide for prospective applicants.