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Missionary Cooperation Plan Donation

Thank you for donating to the 2021 Missionary Cooperation Plan.

Missionaries rely on the generous support of donors to provide ministries of solidarity and service in areas where the Catholic Church is young, struggling, or economically in need. Through your prayers and donations, you encourage and support a variety of mission causes, and you strengthen the bonds of communion with the most vulnerable members of God’s family.

This summer, due to the pandemic, it is impossible to have in-person visitors so the collection is shared by our parishes virtually. Donations for the 104 approved mission causes will be accepted throughout the month of August 2021.



All 2021 participating mission causes will receive an equal percentage of the total amount collected. Individual mission appeal messages from each mission cause are posted daily on the Global Mission Office Facebook page in the months of July and August 2021. Your generosity is appreciated and recognized by all. Please know that these missionaries will remember you in prayer in the coming months.

Please make your 2021 Missionary Cooperation Plan donation here.

If you have any questions about this form or the Mission Cooperation Plan itself, please contact the Global Mission Office at 312.534.3322 or [email protected]. Thank you!

Bishop Udumala Bala and priests of the Diocese of Warangal distribute resources during the pandemic to people of all faiths
Brother of the Sacred Heart Luc Favreau, Director of Sacred Heart Secondary School in Amatongas, Mozambique with students
Edmund Rice Brothers with Sisters, lay men and women work to build homes in Peru
Girls living safely at mission home with Servants of the Lord Sisters in Papua New Guinea
Lay missionary, Ernso Sylvain, Haiti Country Director for Unlocking Communities, poses with simple water filtration system
Maryknoll Lay Missioner, Rich Tarro, works on the HOPE (Helping Orphans Pursue Education) project in Mobamsa, Kenya.
Missionaries of St. Francis DeSales celebrate a baptism in Ecuador
Ordination ceremony at Apostles of Jesus Seminary in Kenya
School Sisters of St. Francis Asha Bhavan is a home for elder women in Bangalore, India
Xavierian Missionary, Fr. Tardelli, teaching in the mountains of Thailand