Global Mission Office

Support for International Relationships

Meaningful relationships with our global neighbors offer a unique and profound opportunity for our communities to encounter Christ. The Global Mission Office provides support to parishes and schools in initiating and maintaining mutual, responsible relationships with international mission communities and causes.

Why Work with the Global Mission Office?

International mission can be a source of inspiration and zeal in our communities, but they can also cause consternation, confusion, and anxiety. The Global Mission Office is here to help parishes and schools:

  • Ensure that the time, talent, and treasure invested in the relationship bears fruit,
  • Grow in faith, love, and understanding together and alongside their international partners,
  • Protect missionaries who may be unfamiliar with legal concerns and visa requirements for soliciting funds, and
  • Verify the legitimacy of the mission cause and good standing of guest speakers within the Catholic Church.

What We Offer

We provide consultation and resourcing in the following areas:

  • Building mutual cross-cultural relationships rooted in faith and Church Teaching,
  • Discerning whether and how to support a mission cause,
  • Gaining insight on the needs, oversight, sustainability, and Catholicity of a mission cause,
  • Reflecting on the call to mission through Scripture, Church Teaching, history, and current practice,
  • Familiarity with archdiocesan policies and best practices for hosting mission speakers,
  • Verification of mission causes and speakers requesting the opportunity to speak in your parish or school, and
  • Assistance in processing donations for mission causes, including ensuring that funds raised will be received by the intended project or diocese.

Please contact us directly if you are looking for guidance or support in your parish or school’s global mission interests. Join our Global Engagement mailing list to stay connected to the latest resources and opportunities.