Global Mission Office

Mission Cooperation Plan

Each summer the Global Mission Office of the Archdiocese of Chicago facilitates the Mission Cooperation Plan, an opportunity for about 85 foreign missionary dioceses, religious congregations and organizations to share their stories and invite support from our faith communities. (Missionary representatives can apply for this program here.)

This annual second collection provides vital support to ministries that witness and proclaim the love of Jesus in areas of the world affected by poverty and upheaval. Missionaries travel great distances to evangelize in remote and persecuted communities. They form priests and lay leaders, educate adults and children, offer medical care, provide safe homes, administer the Sacraments and more.

We are very happy to welcome missionary appeal speakers to visit our parishes and churches during the summer months of June, July and August 2024!

Parish Resources for 2024 Missionary Cooperation Plan

Collection Procedure

Your parish or church will receive Mission Co-op collection envelopes direct from Overt Press. If you have any concerns, please contact the Global Mission Office. No missionary cause may use their own envelopes, collect any funds, donor information or solicit sponsorships. Checks from individual donors should be made out to the parish.

Proceeds from the collection are to be sent within one month to Global Mission Office Attn: Mission Cooperation Plan, 3525 South Lake Park Avenue, Chicago, IL 60653. Parish checks should be made out to Global Mission Office, with MCP 2024 on the memo line. If individual donors make checks out to the collection, send them along with the parish check. Please use the yellow remittance card, which has been mailed to every participating parish and church. Note that the appealing mission cause receives 85% of the collected funds. 15% is retained by the Global Mission Office to offset the cost of facilitating these appeals. The Global Mission Office is not funded or subsidized by the Archdiocese of Chicago.

2024 Missionary Cooperation Plan
Map of Beneficiary Regions