Human Dignity and Solidarity


Director of Domestic Violence Outreach

Fr. Charles W. Dahm, O.P.

Steering Committee

  • Adele Bach, Queen of All Saints                   
    Communications Chairwoman
  • Shelia Morrow, Queen of All Saints                                                   
    Education & Training Chairwoman
  • Diane O’Brien, Sacred Heart                                                  
    Parish Support Chairwoman                                                
  • Anne McGuire, St. Francis Xavier                
    Prevention Chairwoman
  • Mary Kaess, St Thomas the Apostle            
    Public Policy Chairwoman
  • Fr. Charles W. Dahm O.P., St. Pius V            
    Director, Executive Committee
  • Jan Burdulis, St. Pascal Coordinator            
    Executive Committee
  • Pam Davis, Catholic Charities                      
    Executive Committee
  • Deborah Hammond, Catholic Charities       
    Executive Committee
  • Rita Katner, St. Benedict                                
    Executive Committee
  • John Monaco, St. Raymond                        
    Executive Committee
  • Valerie Yokie, St. Raymond                          
    Executive Committee