Mission Office

Missionary Cooperation Plan

Each summer, the Mission Office facilitates opportunities for approximately 120 missionary communities to share their stories and invite support from participating parishes within the Archdiocese of Chicago. Eligible missionary dioceses, congregations, and organizations are invited to apply each year for participation.

Guidelines for Acceptance

Missionary causes which maintain a committed presence within the Archdiocese of Chicago are eligible to participate 2 out every 3 years, with preference given to known partners and causes serving in local parishes or archdiocesan institutions. Missionary causes with no committed presence within the Archdiocese are eligible to participate every other year. Eligibility does not guarantee acceptance. Our office strives to distribute acceptance as evenly as possible between mission dioceses, congregations of men religious, congregations of women religious, and lay organizations.

Please note that these are general guidelines. Each application is subject to the discretion of the Mission Office, which considers factors such as language needs and specific requests from parishes, as well as the quality of past experience with causes which have previously participated or applied. Missionary causes that break the contract set in previous years will not be invited to participate in any future appeals.


The 2020 Application is now available. Missionary groups seeking participation in summer 2020 must complete and return this form before December 31, 2019. The Mission Office will only consider applicants that:

  • Fill out the application in its entirety, and
  • Indicate a US contact authorized to correspond and receive funds on behalf of the requesting missionary group. Only applicants with a representative who can receive checks in the US or possess a Vatican Bank account will be considered.

If you cannot fill out the PDF form electronically, please print it and write or type responses clearly. Do not send the cover sheet. Each missionary institution must identify the appropriate authority, who may be a diocesan bishop, a religious superior, or a director of a missionary organization. The authority confers certification for appeal speakers. Each application must include an accompanying letter signed by the appropriate authority. The letter should communicate awareness of the application and introduce the U.S. Contact.

US Contact Responsibilities

The US contact represents the mission cause in all communications with the Mission Office of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Responsibilities include:

  • Notifying missionaries when they are accepted into the MCP program,
  • Updating missionaries on all processes and necessary documentation,
  • Notifying missionaries of assigned parishes for appeals,
  • Serving as the primary contact for parishes to which your mission cause is assigned, and
  • Receiving checks from the Mission Office representing donations. All checks must be cashed or deposited within the United States.

If your US contact changes, please notify the Mission Office immediately.