Global Mission Office

Ways to Support

Missionaries rely on the generous support of donors to provide ministries of love, solidarity, and service in areas where the Church is young, struggling, or economically in need. Through your donations you encourage and support missionaries in their work, and you strengthen your bonds of Communion with the most vulnerable members of God’s family.

One hundred percent of donations in the below categories go to their intended purposes.

Click here to download a mail-in donation order form.

Contact us if you would like to donate liturgical vestments and vessels for use by international missionaries.

Mass Intentions

Donations for the celebration of Mass on behalf of donor intentions.

Masses are celebrated by dedicated missionary priests serving in one of more than 1,000 mission dioceses in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Pacific Islands. Support helps missionary priests continue to serve the pastoral needs of faith communities facing poverty, turmoil, and uncertainty.

  • Individual Mass Intentions: We ask for a donation of $10 for each Mass donated.

Special Intention:

  • Gregorian Masses: Thirty consecutive daily masses will be celebrated for the repose of the soul of one intention. A donation of $300, or $10 per individual mass, is humbly requested. A card will be mailed to you for notification of the deceased’s family.

Name of Deceased:


Liturgical Supplies

Donations for the purchase of materials needed by missionary priests to celebrate and administer the Holy Eucharist. A card with the name of the donor or honoree will be sent to the priest receiving the sacred vessels. Items for donation are listed below.

  • Mass Kits ($150.00): A portable set of liturgical items needed for a Catholic priest to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

In Honor/Memory of:


Name/Address for Notification:

  • Chalice and Paten ($150.00): The chalice is the cup that holds the wine/precious blood; the paten holds the host/Holy Eucharist.

In Honor/Memory of:


Name/Address for Notification:

  • Pyx and Burse ($50.00): A pyx is a small container used to carry the consecrated host to those unable to come to a church to receive Holy Communion. It is carried in a small, leather pouch called a burse. This may be used by priests or lay eucharistic ministers.

In Honor/Memory of:


Name/Address for Notification:


Order World Mission Rosaries

As Pope Francis reminds us, “Prayer is the first ‘missionary work’ — the first! — that every Christian can and must do.” Donate to receive World Mission rosaries and booklets guiding you in praying the Rosary as an act of world unity. We offer two styles of mission rosaries, which can be shipped to any donor within the US.

  • Wooden Rosary: $1 donation/rosary is requested.
  • Metal Crucifix with Plastic Beads: $2 donation/rosary is requested.

Each decade of the rosary is a different color, representing a different region of our world.

  • Green is for the vast forests and grasslands of Africa.
  • Yellow is for the eastern morning sun rising in Asia.
  • White is for the home of the Holy Father in Europe.
  • Blue is for the oceans surrounding the Pacific Islands.
  • Red is for the passionate fire of faith that brought missionaries to the Americas.

Donations cover the cost of purchase for the rosary, plus shipping and handling.



Global Causes

Donate to support pressing global causes for the Church in response, as Jesus did, to those most in need throughout our world.

  • Support pastoral programs, religious education work, health care, schools, and building of churches in mission dioceses through the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.

  • Support programs and ministries serving the needs of children and families across the world through the Missionary Childhood Association.

  • Support the education of candidates for the priesthood and the formation of religious women and men serving in mission dioceses through the Society of St. Peter Apostle.