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Pentecost Prayer

Priests for Justice for Immigrants
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A Pentecost Prayer

Sweet Holy Spirit, Spirit of unrelenting, persistent, ever life–changing love, You long that all humankind dwell in unity – unity with You, unity within ourselves and unity with the whole of all creation. You encourage and embolden us to care for each other as You care for us. As Jesus our brother bore rebuke and scorn from those in authority, enduring abuse, betrayal, denial, abandonment, torture and death on the cross–help us to take life–giving risks in bearing your Love to others, especially to those relegated to the margins of our society.

Inflame us as you inflamed the disciples gathered in that upper room on Pentecost, with the fire that burns away all discord, all strife, all division and hatred of others, all disregard for the dignity and sanctity of human life. Breathe into us, Gentle Spirit, your Holy Breath, that who brought order to chaos, breathed life into the first man and woman, dried up the waters of the Great Flood, whispered on the mountaintop to a fear–filled Elijah. Breathe into us a Spirit that fills our lungs, our bones, our heart and mind, our whole being, a Spirit that rejuvenates, reenergizes and moves us to boldly go forth into the world to be Christ’s Good News for others.

As You empowered the disciples that Pentecost morning, so empower us to go out and speak in tongues, with One Voice, Your Voice, to bear witness to Your promised accompaniment of us through Your manifold gifts. Let our voices speak the common language of Divine Love, Divine Mercy, of True Freedom found only when all of us are truly free to live into our fullest God–given potential. Amen.

In our defense of the unborn. Come Holy Spirit!
In our support of pregnant women Come Holy Spirit!
In our support of the dignity and equal rights of women. Come Holy Spirit!
In our support of all those subject to systemic and individual racism. Come Holy Spirit!
In our support of families of every shape and kind. Come Holy Spirit!
In our support of parents. Come Holy Spirit!
In our support of refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants. Come Holy Spirit!
In our support of our elders. Come Holy Spirit!

Add your own intercession… Come Holy Spirit!

Come, Holy Spirit, work through, with and in us to renew the face of the earth!

Make us one body, one spirit in Christ! Amen!


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