Divine Worship

Formación de Ministerio

Celebration of the Liturgy is the singular most important activity that any parish does all week. Nothing else that a parish does is more significant. 

To celebrate the Liturgy well takes the coordinated effort of many people across the Church: Priests and deacons, liturgy planners, liturgy directors and directors of liturgical music, lectors and cantors, servers and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Church documents speak about those who minister in service of the liturgy — they speak about the need for formation, and our own Archdiocesan policies speak about the need for liturgical ministers to be well trained as well as the need for continued formation or training renewal. 

The Office for Divine Worship is committed to ministry formation by supporting the Vicariates, Parishes and Institutions of the Archdiocese. This office provides both liturgical training founded in the Church’s documents and traditions, and also opportunities for previously trained ministers to deepen their understanding and practice of their ministry.