Evangelization & Missionary Discipleship

We evangelize to share God’s love and mercy with those we encounter. We share the good, the hope and the joy that comes from believing in and knowing God.

Many of us may think our faith is private, and that we should keep quiet about it. As Christians, however, we are not supposed to hide what we found or have been given. We are not to force our beliefs on others — we are called to witness to who Jesus is and share His grace.

Sometimes we share through our actions. We bring Christ to others through our kindness, through our challenging or through our gifts. And whether it’s in our homes, our workplaces, our playgrounds or on the road, we bring Christ with us to every encounter, every experience, everywhere. 

Sometimes we share through our words. When asked why we go to church, why we are Christian or who Jesus is, we should be prepared to answer in a way that is authentic to our shared faith and our personal experience and in a way that is compassionate and considerate of our audience.

Visit the Share Resources tab for resources to help teach more about how we can all be better sharers, or witnesses, of our faith.