Lifelong Formation

Forms and Resources

  • FAQ’s (PDF)
    Quick answers to questions about the certification process for parish catechists and Catholic school teachers, principals and catechetical leaders.
  • Description of Levels (PDF)
    Brief description of the three levels of certification and ongoing formation (renewal).
  • Certification Process (PDF)
    Presentation on the certification process, policies, courses and important information for catechists, school teachers and parish/school leaders.
  • Inside Look (Link) (PDF)
    Brief overview of the platform and the resources available for catechists and catechetical leaders.
  • Scholarship Request Form for Level I (PDF)
    Request a 50 percent scholarship for online sessions. 
  • Scholarship Request Form for Level II (PDF)
    Request 50 percent scholarship for online sessions.
  • Retreat Request Form (PDF)
    Form for parish and schools to schedule their certification retreat.
  • Level III Elective Form (PDF)
    For level III participants to keep a log of ongoing formation. At the completion of a minimum of 15 hours, the form will be submitted to the Catechetical Leader/Principal for approval and request the credits toward renewal of certification.