Lifelong Formation

Catholic School Teacher

Role Description

The apostolic work of the catechist springs from the Sacrament of Baptism, through which all believers come to share in the prophetic ministry of Christ and the evangelizing mission of the Church. The call to the ministry of catechist is a vocation, an interior call, and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Catechists need to be practicing Catholics who participate fully in the communal worship and life of the Church and who have been prepared for their apostolate by appropriate catechetical training. (NDC 54B8, p. 228229.)

Role Description as Catechist

The distinctive Catholic identity and mission of the Catholic school depend on the efforts and example of the whole faculty. The integration of culture and faith is mediated by the other integration of faith and the life of the teacher. The nobility of the task to which teachers are called demands that, in imitation of Christ, the only Teacher, they reveal the Christian message not only by word but also by every gesture of their behavior. All teachers in Catholic schools share in the catechetical ministry. All members of the faculty, at least by their example, are an integral part of the process of religious education. (NDC 54B9d, p. 233.)

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