Lifelong Formation

Confirmation Policy

The Archdiocese of Chicago joyfully announces the promulgation of a new Confirmation sacramental preparation policy for adolescents effective July 1, 2017. This signifies a blessing for the entire archdiocese. It is from the well-spring of God’s love for each one of us that a walk of faith become manifest. Through our Baptism, we become adopted children of God. Our sacramental journey united with the vibrancy of community continues to give new life as children and adolescents seek this sacred path.

Establishing a lifelong sacramental life in Jesus Christ takes time. That is why the new policy enlivens a two year timeframe for preparation for the sacrament of confirmation. Quality time is needed to foster ongoing conversion for youth that results in a sense of true belonging to the Catholic Church as missionary disciples.

The new policy establishes normative standards while allowing for growth and innovation through Renew My Church.

Confirmation Policy (PDF)

Confirmation Guidelines (PDF)

Confirmation Policies and Procedures Fact Sheet (PDF)

Confirmation Resources and Activities (PDF)

A summary of the policy sections include:

  • § 1900 Sacramental Preparation for Adolescent Candidates Seeking Confirmation
  • § 1900.1 Confirmation Readiness
  • § 1900.2 Program Uniformity
  • § 1900.3 Community Responsibility
  • § 1900.4 Missionary Service
  • § 1900.5 Annual Retreat
  • General Instructions for §1900

Over the next two years, this policy will be adopted throughout the entire archdiocese. A time of grace will allow for the planning, development, and implementation of policy expectations. September 2017 to June 2018 constitutes a time of grace for Confirmation sacramental preparation programs currently offering one year of sacramental preparation. The Office of Lifelong Formation will serve to ensure a seamless transition.

Please contact Emily MacDonell at [email protected] or 312.534.8107 for questions about the adolescent confirmation policy.