Lifelong Formation

The Levels

Level I – Answering the Call

All catechists have said “yes” to God at some point in their own personal journey. It’s the same “yes” that has been echoed through generations of holy men and women in our Church. 

In addition to attending a certification retreat (suggested within a year), catechist candidates with no previous catechetical formation must complete 25 sessions on basic spiritual, theological and ministerial formation. Sessions are offered online (scholarships are available) and in person. After completion, parish catechists and Catholic school teachers will receive Catechist Candidate Certification. Catholic School teachers who are not Catholic are required to complete the 25 online sessions and will receive a confirmation notice when the sessions are completed.

Level II – Witnessing the Call

Answering the call of the catechist is a privilege because it means the individual has been invited to participate in God’s great plan of building His Kingdom. As parish catechists and Catholic school teachers continue to learn, they will also continue to grow in the Catholic faith.

To complete Level II, parish catechists and Catholic school teachers must complete 30 sessions and a certification retreat suggested within two years. Spiritual and Theological courses must be completed during the first year and the Methodology II course (for Catholic School teachers, Ministerial II) and Ministerial electives must be completed during the second year. Sessions are offered both online (scholarships are available for Spiritual and Theological courses) and in person. After completion, participants will receive Catechist Certification. This certification must be renewed in Level III.

Level III – Inspiring the Call

After achieving Catechist Certification, catechists are to complete a suggested number of 15 elective sessions (content hours) of ongoing formation every year in a three-year cycle. In addition, they must attend a certification retreat within the cycle. Participants already certified from the previous certification process will start at this level.