Lifelong Formation

Catechetical Leader/Principal

Formation/Certification Tool for Parish Catechetical Leaders

Parish Catechetical Leaders, please use the following form to determine what level your catechists are at. The Excel workbook has four different sheets. Please add your catechists to the correct sheet. The columns that need to be completed are the First Name, Last Name and Email Address columns.

Levels for Catechists
  • “No previous hours” — Catechists who never completed a Fostering Faith Course

  • “10 Hours” — Catechists who completed one Fostering Faith Course

  • “20 Hours or More” — Catechists who completed more than two Fostering Faith Courses

  • “Already Certified” — Catechists who have received archdiocesan catechist certification

Please note the following:

  • The email address will be the catechist's username (we cannot create an account without an email address)

  • Carefully add the catechists to the correct sheet (please double check your work)

  • Once the form is filled out, the team will create accounts (please email the final Excel workbook to: [email protected])

  • Please don’t change any of the column names or order even if sections are not being used (we will be unable to upload if changes are made on the column names)