Lifelong Formation

Religious Education Guidelines

Reopening Framework

The Religious Education and Youth Ministry Program Framework is intended to assist parishes in planning quality, relevant faith formation programming as we navigate a rapidly shifting reality in our world, nation, city and communities. We provide clear options for parish fall programming, and pathways to safely gather the children and youth on our campuses while also limiting the frequency and size of these gatherings in the interest of health and safety. Each parish is asked to thoughtfully discern the frequency and necessity of in-person gathering within their programs. When in-person gatherings do occur, parishes must follow the policies outlined in the Framework for when and how to safely gather young people.

In creating the Framework, the Office of Lifelong Formation carefully studied “Reopening with Trust: A Planning Framework for the 2020/21 School Year” developed by the Office of Catholic Schools, which in turn was crafted in careful consideration of the Transition Joint Guidance document (released on June 23, 2020) issued by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Public Health. The guidelines within this document apply only to programming for minors (under age 18). Adult faith formation experiences and parent gatherings are subject to the regular guidelines for non-liturgical gatherings.

​​​​​​​There are, however, significant differences between this framework and other parish and school reopening plans, owing to the unique challenges of gathering children and youth who attend multiple schools and consequently interact with student cohorts beyond the parish. On-site gatherings will be permitted less frequently and smaller in size, and virtual or at-home faith formation is encouraged to continue to the fullest extent possible. This Framework will be reassessed ahead of January 2021 in light of the evolving public health situation.

Reopening Teams and Pre-Opening Checklist and Certification

In preparation for the implementation of the Framework, parish catechetical leaders should work with their pastor, school principal, parish youth minister, and the Parish and School Reopening Teams. The purpose of the team is to assist the pastor, parish catechetical leader, and parish youth minister in understanding, planning for, and implementing the requirements of the Archdiocesan Reopening Plan.

  • Parishes must create a Health and Safety Reopening (HSR) Team to be certified for modified in-person programming. If the parish will resume programming virtually but incorporate and in-person kickoff, an HSR Team should be created to plan and manage the kickoff events.
  • Parishes should also form a Faith Formation and Programming (FFP) Team. The purpose of this team is to assist the parish catechetical leader and/or youth minister in planning a flexible and adaptable faith formation program for the 2020/2021 pastoral year.

All Archdiocese of Chicago Parish Religious Education Programs (inclusive of Youth Ministry) must complete specific steps prior to certifying preparedness and receiving approval to reopen on-site components this Fall. Requirements are to be completed by the Health & Safety Reopening Team. Certification for reopening child and youth programs will occur between August 17 and September 4.

Health and Safety Requirements and Infection Protocol

Reopening Teams and RE/YM leaders must review the Health and Safety Guidelines, which include requirements for in-person programming, space sharing with Catholic Schools, the Cohort Model, general facility cleaning, layout and program supplies, and more.

Faith Formation Programming

Through Renew My Church we are called to make disciples, build community and inspire witness. Especially during this time of great uncertainty and turmoil for the individuals, families and communities served by our Church, we must seek new and creative ways to lead them closer to Christ and one another and to share the Gospel as a light to our world. The Framework will serve as a guide toward continuing to build a stronger sense of missionary discipleship through your approach to religious education programming. By continuing to creatively engage your students and families in their own faith journeys, actively building community the Lord intends for your parish, and witnessing the Kingdom of God in the midst of a lost and fearful world, you are helping your parish move forward in answering the call to renew the Church of Jesus Christ.

Virtual Engagement, Communication and Safe Environment

Archdiocesan interim guidelines for virtual safe environment are available here. The Archdiocese continues to evaluate policy changes based on increased use of digital technologies. Welcome feedback to the [email protected] email address regarding any challenges these policies pose to parishes.