Lifelong Formation

About Us

Catechetical Ministry is dedicated to the Church’s mission of lifelong faith formation. Included in this process is the sacramental preparation of children, adolescents and adults. Our vision becomes a reality through the adaptation of learning models, methodologies and sharing of faith through activities, experiences and reflection. To meet the needs of all families, we offer various programs that cultivate our Religion Curriculum.

The Catechetical Ministry team is committed to identifying catechetical, faith formation resources and best practices for archdiocesan catechists. Catechesis and evangelization support family relationships in the domestic church and encourage them to embrace the Eucharist as the “Source and Summit” of our faith. One of the primary goals of the ministry is to help parish Religious Education and Faith Formation programs increase resources to create a greater love of Jesus Christ and our Catholic faith teachings, values and faith practices.  Nurturing spiritual faith development will strengthen the faithful and allow them to experience the joy of sacramental living.

In collaboration with parish religious education, we aspire to foster parish mission vitality through catechesis in accordance with the Seven Signs of Mission Vitality, as set forth by the archdiocesan initiative, Renew My Church.