Human Dignity and Solidarity

Respect Life Program


2021-2022 Respect Life Program Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn about the new theme: St Joseph, defender of life, along with many ideas for what your Respect Life Committee can do for Respect Life Month and beyond.

Each October the Church in the United States celebrates Respect Life Month, and the first Sunday of October is observed as Respect Life Sunday. As Catholics, we are called to cherish, defend, and protect those who are most vulnerable from the beginning of life to its end, and at every point in between. During the month of October, the Church asks us to reflect more deeply on the dignity of every human life so that we can then work together to respect life throughout the coming year.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (Respect Life Program) provides resources to help parishes, schools, families, ministries, and individual Catholics share the Gospel of Life during Respect Life Month and throughout the year. In the following Respect Life Program Video Workshop, you will find a number of resources to help you celebrate Respect Life Month and beyond. We hope it is a useful tool for all to familiarize themselves with the website and the Respect Life Program for this year. You are encouraged to adapt these resources as needed to fit your specific parish, school, or ministry.

Additional materials are available to order and for download here.

For more information, call the Respect Life Ministries at 312.534.5355.

Walking with Moms in Need

Pregnant and parenting moms in need are in our parishes and our neighborhoods. As Pope Francis reminds us, our parishes need to be “islands of mercy in the midst of a sea of indifference.” Everyone in the parish community should know where to refer a pregnant woman in need.

Walking with Moms in Need is a year of service where Catholic parishes and communities "walk in the shoes" of local pregnant and parenting women in need.

Everyone should know how to help moms in difficult circumstances.

While not trying to turn Catholic parishes into pregnancy centers, we can support local pregnancy centers where they exist, and we can also find and share other resources with pregnant and parenting women. (A list of local Women Centers that share our Catholic faith will be provided soon.)

And where there are few local resources, we can create our own, based on the gifts of the parish community! We hope you and your parish will join us in this Year of Service.


For questions and ideas on how you can get this started in your parish, do not hesitate to contact Blanca Rodriguez at [email protected] or call our office at 312.534.5355.