Human Dignity and Solidarity

Theology of the Body Training and Events

Many of our young people are experiencing hurts and confusion that stem from a profound lack of knowledge and security in our true identity as created in God’s image and likeness. Simply put, we have forgotten the immense love that God has for us and how wonderfully He has created us to love and be loved.

St. Pope John Paul II devoted his Wednesday audiences from 1979 to 1984 to present an in-depth biblical explanation of the mystery of marriage and human sexuality. It is these series of Wednesday audiences that is collectively known as the “Theology of the Body.” With this catechesis, we can begin to discover the very structure and deepest reality of our human identity. It is not only a teaching but a gentle yet bold invitation to begin to find our place in the cosmos and begin to penetrate the mystery of the Trinitarian God. The very moment we dive into this rich teaching of our Catholic Church, we will never see the world and our faith the same way again. This life changing catechesis is by no means a departure from the Church’s heritage, but an authentic development of it. Through the “Theology of the Body,” our teens, young adults, and families can discover, pursue, and live out their own individual call to love with Christ’s love.

We invite you, as church leaders, to retreat with us this summer and explore the “Theology of the Body.” You are very much aware that our young people are searching for answers to deep questions like, “Who am I?” and “Where am I called to go?” You recognize the need of bringing resources to our Catechetical Program and Youth Ministry, as well as to equip yourself to be able to speak to young people with the lens of the “Theology of the Body.” We look forward to journeying with you all as we host the Theology of the Body Training in Vicariate 1. There is no charge for participants to attend. Please invite catechists, parents, everyone who wants to attend. Parish formation teams are welcomed.

Invitation (PDF)

Presenter: Raymund Pingoy and the Chastity Education Initiative Team
Coordinator of Human Dignity and Solidarity and Theology of the Body
Archdiocese of Chicago
Office of Human Dignity and Solidarity

Dates: August 15 and 16, 2017
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Place: St. Thomas Becket
1321 Burning Bush Ln.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

For more information, call Ray at 312.534.8294 or email at