Human Dignity and Solidarity

Instituto Pastoral Migratoria

Pastoral Migratoria (PM), a 10-year-old parish-based, immigrant-to-immigrant ministry of the Archdiocese of Chicago, invites pastoral teams to participate in the Instituto Pastoral Migratoria, to be held July 11-15, 2018 at Chicago’s Catholic Theological Union (CTU). The Instituto PM seeks to share the experience of working with the Hispanic/Latino faith community with diocesan and pastoral personnel. Our goal is to identify dioceses/parishes who are committed to fostering immigrant leadership dedicated to serving the needs of immigrants in their parishes and communities. Through our recently launched PM National Pilot Initiative and the Instituto PM, we hope to create a vibrant network across dioceses of similar parish-based ministries, expanding the scope of service, justice and accompaniment actions of the Catholic Church.

Given the challenges facing both our country and Church, this ministry presents an opportunity for the empowerment of immigrant parishioners ready to act upon the core principals of our Catholic faith. The Instituto PM will be conducted in Spanish, to help prepare local diocesan/ pastoral and lay leaders to know the key components of PM’s formation program, the building of strong collaboration with community partners, and initiate immigrant to immigrant ministry in their parish community.

Flyer (PDF)