Human Dignity and Solidarity

Church Teaching on the Environment

The Catholic Church brings a distinct perspective to the discussion of environmental questions, by lifting up the moral dimensions of these issues and the needs of the most vulnerable among us. This unique contribution is rooted in Catholic teaching calling us to care for creation and for "the least of these." (Mt 25:40)

Laudato Si

“This is a watershed moment for the church, for humanity and for the planet which Pope Francis calls our common home. It’s time for the church to be bold — to speak about major issues — and to achieve a new level of relevance in people’s lives.” – Cardinal Cupich

The second encyclical and fundamental text for this work of caring for our common home, Laudato Si’ was published in 2015 by Pope Francis. While the Catholic Church has a rich history of caring for the environment, Laudato Si’ is the premier document.

  • Laudato Si Text (Link)
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  • Cardinal Cupich Press Conference (Link)
  • Text of Cardinal’s remarks (Link)

Querida Amazonia

Pope Francis has released a new Apostolic Exhortation, Querida Amazonia, or Beloved Amazon, which focuses on hearing the “cry of the poor” in the Amazon, protecting indigenous rights, solidarity, and action to care for God’s creation. Read the exhortation.

Use this study guide to reflect on the exhortation as an individual or with a group.