Human Dignity and Solidarity

Advocacy: National Legislation

In the spirit of Laudato Si’, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a welcoming statement for bi-partisan introduced legislation called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA). The Archdiocese of Chicago also supports this legislation.

The legislation, which also has been referred to as HR 2307, entails the following:

  • Would place an annually increasing “fee” on fossil fuel producers for the climate damaging carbon emissions of their oil, natural gas and coal products.
  • The “fee” would be returned to every American household in the form of a monthly “dividend” check.
  • Would encourage the switch to cheaper renewable energy, without financially harming poor and middle-class citizens and without hurting job or economic growth.
  • Would enable the US to meet climate targets spelled out in the Paris Agreement.
  • Has border adjustment language to keep America internationally competitive with nations that haven’t enacted a carbon fee.

Reputable organizations including Catholic Climate Covenant, the non-partisan Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and various diocesan social justice groups have been advocating for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.