Evangelization & Missionary Discipleship

Missionary Discipleship is all about recognizing two things: We are called to an intimate relationship with Christ as His disciples, and we are called to go out and share that with others. When we put that sharing into action, what you get is service and justice, and it transforms the lives of others. These two things, service and justice, are complimentary. Service helps to alleviate the immediate needs, and justice works to change the situations that are not just.

Office for Human Dignity and Solidarity

If you are looking for ways that you and your parish community can serve and live out our Gospel values, visit the Office for Human Dignity and Solidarity website. Here you will find resources and tools for a variety of issues and needs, as well as programs that help to encourage the value and dignity of all human life. 

For more information on the social teaching of the Church, see the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. (Click Here)